英語でJADE(ジェイド)=じゃじゃ馬娘 という





The brand name ‘HISUI’ (meaning ‘jade’ in Japanese) represents two concepts:

one is the imagery created by the colours of this beautiful stone jade, which have a special presence to those who see them.

Another, second meaning of the word, is ‘a quarrelsome woman’.

Such interesting dual meanings, uniquely juxtaposing each other, represents this brand.

We create clothes which can help those who wear them discover their new self, and that can make them feel fun and energetic.

Our clothes can be worn in multiple ways and we hope, through our clothes, we can establish deep,

close communications with the wearers.

Hiroko Ito
1990 Graduate N.Y Fashion Institute Of Technologies , Wear & Merchandising course.
1994-98 Work with COMME des GARCONS.
1998 Nov Established OOS/S (ZEROZEROESUESU).
1999 July Start HISUI brand, the Women collection, with concept
“We can express the feeling of selfmovement from heart with clothing”.
2001 Mar Debut show ” a different point of veiw” at Tokyo collection for Fall/Winter.
2008 Apr Invited to present 09S/S and 09A/W collection at st.Peterberg in Russia.
2009 Nov Invited to present 10S/S collection at Busan Fashion week in KORIA.
Present ATMOSPHERES trade show in Paris.
2001 Mar – 2013 Present Japan Fashion Week (22th collection this time).
2011 Apr One month after the huge earthquake in Japan , presented 11A/W collection express the message of against the new clear power plant.
2011-13 Oct Present the collection at TRANOI trade show in Paris.
2013 June Exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art “Obake and Pants and Star-like Exhibition”
2016-17 Oct Present at the Shanghai MODE SHANGHAI exhibition


#303, 5-28-7, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo150-0001 Japan

mail : info-hisui@00s-s.com